Art Showcased in Multiple Jersey City Exhibits

Art Showcased in Multiple Jersey City Exhibits

What began as a series of art classes for the school’s Adult Services clients grew to include the students’ works and showings at multiple galleries throughout Jersey City. St. Joseph’s Art Instructor, Athena Toledo, designed an inspiring and challenging series of art sessions for all age groups. Ms. Toledo, an aspiring art therapist, works through the healing power of art. She employs a hand-over-hand method and emphasizes process art to help visually impaired students express themselves creatively.

The opening exhibit at the school attracted the attention of Jersey City Councilman Yousef Saleh and representatives from the Mayor’s office who visited the school to recognize and encourage the artists in their creative endeavors. Both adult clients and students were awarded certificates to honor their work.

The exhibit and recognition from the Mayor’s office also brought attention from the Jersey City art community and the opportunity to showcase the artwork at two Pro-Arts galleries. Entitled “Our Art Show” the opening reception at ART 150 Gallery also included an accessibility seminar and was part of JC Fridays, a popular free arts festival across Jersey City.

According to Ms. Toledo, “Showcasing their talent was a wonderful way to witness their artistic growth and further
motivate them in their creative pursuits.” Ms. Toledo is planning to add the art exhibit into the annual calendar of events for both the Adult Services clients and the students.

Adult Services clients proudly display their artwork.
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