Our Programs

Our Programs

St. Joseph’s School for the Blind is a New Jersey Department of Education approved private school serving students with visual impairments and multiple disabilities (developmental, physical, medical), ages 3-21. SJSB’s goal is to promote each student’s ability to learn, work and live in the least restrictive environment possible.

Early Intervention Program
Starting at birth, our Early Intervention Program (EIP) provides instruction to infants and toddlers from birth to 3 years of age.  Teams of special educators teach children and their families, in their own homes, how to compensate for visual deficiencies.  We also provide on-campus programs for infants and toddlers, including Aqua Therapy and a weekly half-day Enrichment Program.

School for the Blind
St. Joseph’s School for the Blind began in 1891 as the Home for the Blind owned and operated by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace.  For over 133 years individuals who are blind/visually impaired and now those with multiple disabilities have benefited from a learning environment conducive to each student living an independent and productive life.

Adult Services
The Adult Services program is a DDD- and Medicaid-approved day habilitation program for adults with special needs, dedicated to enriching lives through the acquisition and practice of necessary life skills.

Physical Therapy

PTs provide services related to a student’s functional use of his/her body for mobility, postural alignment, and maintaining/ improving endurance. The purpose is to promote a student’s independent functioning and to decrease the effects of the physical disabling condition on the student’s ability to participate in the educational process.

Speech Language Therapy

Speech/Language services assist students to learn effective ways to communicate verbally as well as with augmentative and alternative communication systems. In addition, they work with students in the areas of oral-motor development, social language, concentration, memory and information processing.

Orientation and Mobility

O&M instructors teach students with visual impairments how to move safely and as independently as possible in their school, home, and community and to increase awareness and understanding of their environment.

Art Program

The art program facilitates creative expression through tactile mediums like sculpture and braille art. It enhances sensory perception, fosters self-expression, and provides a platform for artistic exploration beyond visual limitations.

Health and Medical Services

The school nurse provides medical, first aide, emergency care and additional nursing services as delineated in a student’s IEP. Student growth and development is monitored with appropriate screening or referral when necessary.

Braille Instruction

Students who are blind or visually impaired are provided literacy instruction which may include instruction in Braille.

Social Services, Counseling & Advocacy

The social workers offer an array of services to the families and students including: counseling, advocacy, information and training. In addition, the social workers are the liaison between the SJSB and a student’s local school district.

Work-based Learning

Work-based learning is crucial for blind students, providing real-world experience, fostering independence, and honing problem-solving skills. These opportunities break barriers and promote diversity and inclusivity.

Music Program

The music program addresses the cognitive, physical, emotional and social needs of our students. Individual and group instrumental and voice instruction may be provided depending upon student interest and ability. Classroom sessions promote music appreciation as well as assist students enhance memory, communication, express feelings and manage stress.

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