Winster D. Ceballos

Winster D. Ceballos

Winster Ceballos

Winster D. Ceballos

Fighting vision loss and blindness is Winster Ceballos’s mission as a Lions Club member and now as a St. Joseph’s board trustee. Winster first became involved with St. Joseph’s School for the Blind by giving 90 sighted three-year old preschoolers vision screening tests each year for 8 years.  Every fall, he and his team of nurses and volunteers did this by using a special camera designed to detect eye maladies. The results came back instantaneously showing the school nurse and parents the results with a picture of the students’ eyes and condition which could be shared with their doctor.
Each year, Winster found that at least 10% of the sighted preschoolers had a vision issue.  Winster knew that early detection meant better school performance. With the optical scanner Winster checked for five common problems: myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism (blurred vision), anisometropia (unequal refractive power), strabismus (eye misalignment) and anisocoria (unequal pupil size).

As Past Council Chair and Past District Governor, and as a dedicated Lion, Winster, has been serving Lions Club International for more than three decades. Over the last thirty-nine years he has been involved with many aspects of Lionism and learned a great deal about how Lionism works at the local, district and Multiple District levels, as well as the world stage.  Currently, Lion Winster is part of the Faculty at the First Vice District Governors/District Governors Elect Seminar of Lions Clubs International.

In addition, he returned to his alma mater as the Director of Adult Education at the Passaic County Community College’s Center for Continuing Education & Workforce Development, serving the college in ascending through the college in different capacities for over 24 years

Winster received a Bachelor of Science and a Business Administration/Management degree from Rutgers University, and later a Master of Administrative Science from Fairleigh Dickinson University.
Winster resides in Clifton, New Jersey with his wife Diana and twin sons,Winster Jr. and Ghabriel, and baby girl, Danayh, who he wishes will follow his dream of becoming the future Leo/Lions and serving the community.  

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