Actor John Amos Returns to St. Joseph’s

Actor John Amos Returns to St. Joseph’s

Jersey City, NJ – Actor John Amos, best known for his roles on Good Times, Roots and Coming To America, kept his promise to the students of St. Joseph’s School for the Blind and returned for a second reading of his children’s book A World Without Color, now transcribed in braille!  Mr. Amos also received his first braille lesson from a group of young students and the School’s braille instructor.

During his visit, Mr. Amos took special time to learn the fundamentals of the braille typewriter and the new technology incorporated into the education program at the School.  Gracious and kind, he was especially touched when a young student read an excerpt from his book in braille.  

A New Jersey native, Mr. Amos graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in sociology.  Early in his career, he worked as a social worker & spent time cartoon drawing and writing, especially for children. 

A World Without Color is a story with a subtle and important message for children of all ages.  The story takes place in the fictional town of Bleakersville, a boring place where everything is gray.  As the storyline progresses, color shines into the world of the mundane town helping to express how people feel.  We come to learn that it is through all the different colors that makes our world so great!

True to the storyline of his book, Mr. Amos has brought color and sunshine to St. Joseph’s and we thank him for brightening our world!

To learn more about A World Without Color visit Mr. Amos’ official site at:  or through Amazon.

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