“With a deep feeling of gratitude, we try to express our thanks for the support and encouragement you have provided to our daughter, K. since last year at Concordia.

We sensed you’re caring for young kids and your dedication to the educational endeavor... We continue to admire your sense of deep commitment to the best and worthwhile dimensions of your profession.

    During our meeting on 14th March, we got to know from you that teaching’s true components blossom and radiate when one: awakens imaginations, stimulates curiosity, taps unknown potentials, encourages creativity, inspires a desire to learn, communicates a passion for learning among the kids. We really liked the new model of teaching.

    We have been blessed with exceptional experiences here at Concordia.  The professional commitment of the staff continues to inspire us. Since last year, they have competently shared their knowledge and expertise in thoughtful, caring ways. Their dedication nurtures the growth and development of young kids like K.

    When we leave this wonderful community of learning here at Concordia in September this year, our heart and spirit feel a sense of sadness. We have been blessed to have had such an exceptional experience for our daughter, K. We will forever humbly appreciative.”
A.G. & S.G.