Concordia Learning Center

January 17, 2020


Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends,

As Concordia Learning Center celebrates 10 years at St. Joseph’s School for the Blind, it’s a bitter-sweet celebration.  St. Joseph’s continues to expand its program for the visually-impaired, blind and multiply-disabled.  This means they will need more classrooms in the coming year; therefore, the Concordia Learning Center will be relinquishing its classrooms and the summer camp as of June 30, 2020. 

It’s been a wonderful relationship between St. Joseph’s and Concordia.  The preschool has had numerous benefits, as has St. Joseph’s with this unique and special bond.  Besides the obvious beautiful facility and playground, the St. Joseph’s students have taught all of us compassion, respect for one another and that we can all learn in spite of our challenges.  Our preschool students have made friendships with children who are visually-impaired, blind or multiply-disabled.  They’ve learned as St. Joseph’s teacher Miss Mary says,”We’re preschoolers just like you, we just learn differently.”

The St. Joseph’s staff has always been gracious and has included us in their special events such as monthly assemblies and music shows, including the Holiday Express extravaganza – a hit every holiday season.  Our preschoolers have learned that you can use your tactile senses to read braille or get information of your surroundings by using a white cane.   In the monthly assemblies our students have witnessed St. Joseph’s students put on spectacular performances that bring so much joy to everyone.  

On behalf of the Concordia Learning Center staff, we appreciate and feel privileged for the opportunity we’ve had over the last ten years to grow and be a part of St. Joseph’s School for the Blind.  For the remainder of the current school year, our program will continue the high-quality standards it is known for in Jersey City.  We appreciate your support over the years.

Respectfully yours,

Migdalia Viole, Director