St. Joseph’s Transition Program Provides College and Employment Opportunities

St. Joseph’s Transition Program Provides College and Employment Opportunities

Student Star R. was recently accepted into the Hudson County Community College Adult TransitionAccess Program. She is the program’s first visually impaired student and St. Joseph’s first student to collaborate with a local college.

St. Joseph’s Transition Coordinator Diana Lao-Momon has been actively and successfully securing academic and employment opportunities for students since moving into the Transition role. “The Access Program is a comprehensive curriculum, tailored specifically for learners with disabilities. Star will begin a fifteen-week pre-college/workforce program based on a differential learning structure. She will attend classes in Fundamental Life Skills/Student Success, Work Readiness and Computer Literacy including Microsoft Word and Excel training,” she said. Star will also continue her academic and therapy curriculum at St. Joseph’s until she graduates in June.

Ms. Lao-Momon had also coordinated a volunteer opportunity at a local daycare for student Janine A. The ambitious student excelled in her volunteer role and is now employed part-time at a daycare near her home. Like Star, Janine also continues to attend St. Joseph’s until graduation.

According to Ms. Lao-Momon, “Our transition curriculum is expanding to meet our students’ needs. It is our greatest priority to move them along and provide opportunities where they can develop and become independent.”

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