Grant Provides Inclusive Play Experience

Grant Provides Inclusive Play Experience

Over the years, St. Joseph’s has been the grateful recipient of many grants which have provided needed program and capital improvements. Although each has held great importance, none has created the excitement and joy of a recent award! This special funding enabled us to purchase and install a We-Go-Swing; providing students of all abilities the opportunity to play and experience the thrill of swinging together.

The unique, no-transfer swing has a connecting ramp which provides easy roll-on access for students in wheelchairs. The wide, spacious design also provides ample room for other students and staff members to enjoy the ride together.

Creating motion is easy, since the handlebars help move the swing. With all students working together to contribute to the motion, the ride becomes a collaborative effort which builds cooperation. All of the riders also get the benefit of actively engaging muscles throughout their bodies while building motor planning skills, strength and balance.

According to Executive Director Feinhals, “Our goal at St. Joseph’s is to provide our students, especially those who are in wheelchairs, inclusive interaction with their peers. The We-Go-Swing is more than a playground experience. It provides social interaction between all participants and beneficial movement. Our new swing is now situated within our existing sensory playground and has quickly become an integral part of the full play experience on our campus.”

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