Donor Leaves Legacy of Love

Donor Leaves Legacy of Love

Born in 1923, a young Dorothy Hackman lost her vision at eight years old. From her childhood, to the time of her passing, she lived her life with strength, resilience and pride in her many accomplishments.

She attended A. Harry Moore School in Jersey City and later graduated from Henry Snyder High School ranking 22nd in a class of 281 students. Throughout her high school years, Dorothy studied Spanish, economics and history while also becoming highly proficient in Braille.

In later years, she worked to help the war effort and became active in a social club in Jersey City for members who were blind. The New Jersey State Commission for the Blind assisted her in securing her first job working in a local pencil factory. She remained close to her family and taught her father how to read and write Braille so they could communicate when she was away. She appreciated all who described the beauty of flowers and the local landscape. Although many years had passed, she would recall how they looked from her childhood memory. In an early article, appearing in The Jersey Journal on June 25, 1941, Dorothy is said to “…like swimming, dancing, knitting, and has a variety of other interests common to the American girl.” Today, we would describe Dorothy as a pioneer. She worked diligently to overcome her disability and live her fullest life…all without the assistive technology and tools that are available today.

Her affection and compassion for others who are blind culminated in her final act to provide specialized education for those like her. Her generous bequest to St. Joseph’s School for the Blind ensures that her legacy will continue through education, greater opportunities for independence and specialized care for the students of our school. We are grateful for her generosity and will remember her as a role model for all we serve.

To learn more about how you can leave a legacy to the children of St. Joseph’s, please contact David Feinhals at 201-876-5432 ext. 1244
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