SJSB Early Intervention (Birth to Age 3)

How Do I Enroll?

Early Intervention is a direct service provider of the New Jersey Early Intervention System (NJEIS).  Initial inquiries, referrals and service coordination are handled by NJEIS.

If you suspect your child may have a disabling condition and you wish to make a referral for an evaluation and/or services you must call:

Regional System Point of Entry at toll free number at 1-888-653-4463 and follow the menu directions based on the county in which your child (or family) lives.  

An NJEIS Service Coordinator will talk with the family about their concerns and obtain referral information with family consent.  If a developmental evaluation is needed, the service coordinator will work with the family to schedule a multidisciplinary evaluation of the child’s developmental levels and needs.  Evaluation and assessment services are provided at no cost to parents.