Adult Services

Director's Welcome

I would like to personally welcome you to RAP, Realizing Adult Potential Program.  The RAP program is a Division of Developmental Disabilities / Individual Community Support Services (ICSS) Self-Directed Day program which promotes independence through life skills training and real life experiences. Under the guidance of our experienced staff, the RAP program provides life skills training in personal care, social skills, vocational training, meal preparation, personal finances, home management, community participation and more. 

The staff and I recognize the inherent worth and dignity of every person and support the belief that every person deserves to live as rewarding and fulfilling a life as possible.  The ability to care for oneself, make decisions, accept responsibility and engage in meaningful relationships are key components to leading a fulfilling life.  The RAP program has been designed (dedicated to) enrich the lives of adults with special needs by providing day programs that support the acquisition and practice of these life skills in a safe and encouraging environment. 

If I could assist you with any additional information about the RAP Program at St. Joseph's School for the Blind or arrange for a tour, please contact me directly at (201) 876-5412, or via email


Maureen Weining